Cost effective

Are you looking for a cost effective Resale Management Software Suite? Muller Systems has it!

RMS (Resale Management Software) is a fully functional suite for any buy/sell store, franchise or pawn shop. It is safe and secure to use, and all for a low monthly cost and no software purchase is required! Extremely flexible and scalable, whether you are a single store or a global franchise with hundreds of locations, RMS can be used in any store size environment.

Use as required $100/month per terminal.

This monthly price includes life time upgrades, technical support, secure daily backups, integration with police reporting & law enforcement requirements, and piece of mind. You also benefit from our user community. If another customer wants a feature, you get it as well. It is tailored for your multi location businesses.

All points are covered

  • Full Inventory Control
  • Management tools
  • Return Analysis
  • Buy/Sell Management
  • Employee Management


Use as required.

Streamlined for multiple locations

Lifetime upgrades and support included

Secure and encrypted real time data

All data is stored in our secure Cloud

Barcoded inventory

Camera integration to photograph purchased goods

Customization options available


Employee level security

Inventory control and reporting

Stock and return analysis

Employee time card management

No data is stored on premise

Sales RegisterIncluded
Buy RegisterIncluded
Layaway ManagementIncluded
Payroll File ManagementIncluded

Reconciliation/ TransfersIncluded
Jewelry ActivityIncluded
Inventory Control ReportsIncluded
Pricing MenuIncluded
Repair ActivityIncluded

Daily Financial SummariesIncluded
Petty Cash SummariesIncluded
Weekly Key IndicatorsIncluded
Store ActivitiesIncluded
Current and Historical Store SalesIncluded
Staff Performance AnalysisIncluded
Staff Hourly PerformanceIncluded
Buyer InformationIncluded
Sales Tax SummaryIncluded

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